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A Drug That Can Freeze Cancer Cells Is Being Developed to Stop it From Spreading


Nature Communications published a recent research that shows potential to freeze and kill cancer with a compound.

Right now the methods that are used to getting rid of cancer is to just kill off the cells and nothing more nothing less; its been a growing interest to now freeze them. But this research shows a more promising and effective method by stopping the cells from spreading and then killing them off.

Raymond Bergan is a professor at Oregon Health and Science University, and he is leading the freezing compound research. For him and his team it is the hardest to address the situation of cancer spreading while going through treatment.  They have teamed up with Northwestern University to produce quicker and accurate results for the issue.

Researchers have been yearning to create a drug that will halt cancer, and they have found one, which is known by the ID KBU2046.

This compound has been able to freeze cancers such as prostate, colon and lung.

It reacts to proteins that are meant to clean out cells and freeze cancer in place. This research niche would be to stop cancer in its beginning stages and kill it off.


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