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Combating Lung Cancer with Tea Leaves

lung cancer
lung cancer

With the results and findings posted in Applied Nano Materials, scientists are making nanoparticles from tealeaves.  While testing, the nanoparticles destroyed about 80 percent of the lung cancer cells.


Nanoparticles have been in study for a couple years now, but scientists have found a new item in the field. Quantum dots are less than 10 nanometers, in both length and width. They have been brought into question to whether use them for computers or medical uses, but the fact that they are made from harmful substances prevents them from being used in such circumstances.

But the realization of Tealeaves and their uses has opened up that area, given that they are nontoxic and are filled with antioxidants.

In other recent studies, the biggest issue in fighting cancer is preventing it from growing and spreading, effectively making matters worse. But following the founding of the compound that effectively freezes cancer growth, we now have something that can effectively eliminate the cells.

The lead researcher of Swansea University, Sudhagar Pitchaimuthu,  talks about the new route created by quantum dots treatment. He plans to make a factory of quantum dots and to increase the speed of their research and production of the dots. He has high hopes to make it run not only in treatments but to use them in products like paint and sun lotion.



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