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Mediterranean Diets Decrease Risk of Cancer?


The gut may have many microbe colonies but it they don’t only exist within the gut. They also are present in places like the breast. The mediterranean diet even promotes the production of anti-cancer bacteria. Researchers discovered the promotion inside the breast within monkeys, and its believed to have the same effects within any other mammal.

Mammary glands have very specific microbiomes inside them, and the diet provides compounds that turn up to be present within the glands. It even extends out the the prostate as well. The diet must be strictly followed to get all the health benefits of the diet. The big players in the diet are things such as legumes, olive oil, and fish; high amounts of fruits and veggies are not considered to be enough, so the addition of the previous list are a very important part of the diet.

It is known that the diet of a woman has a big impact on the risk of developing cancer. Compared to the western diets which makes people more fat and is full of foods like processed meat that is known to cause cancer. To find the effects researchers looked at about 700 people with cancer and 1200 that were healthy, all in their late or mid 60s. The diet is already known that it is very healthy to have however the effects of the risk of cancer were closely studied.

They continued the studies into monkeys to keep a good control variable since people are often prone to have cheat days, something that could ruin the study. The monkeys diets were strictly mediterranean, and for 30 months, 40 females were given one of the two diets, mediterranean and western. There was 10x more lactobacillus inside the females that had the mediterranean compared to the western. Lactobacillus is a friendly bacteria that sits inside the guts and the urinary and genital systems. It helps calm and lactose intolerance and this bacteria is sometimes given to patients who have crohns disease, which the takeaway being that it is good to have a lot of it.

Since compounds and the bacteria inside are friendly and work to help strengthen the body and the immune system it is quicker and more effective to shut down any mutation of cells.

As good as the mediterranean diet is, it is high in fat, so moderation is key, as it is in everything else. Keeping up physical activities will enhance the health benefits and further decrease risk of prostate and breast cancer.

Rather than receiving added sugar, the diet is full of natural sugars making it great for trying to lose weight, keeping the additional calories from added sugar out of your system. Cancer is the second leading cause of death, with heart disease on top. The mediterranean is well known to keep a healthy heart and in general protect from everyday illnesses like colds and flus. Adapting to a strict mediterranean would be extremely beneficial with a proper portions, not too much of it and not too little.


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