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A Drug to Inhibit Cancer Cells from moving


The ability to halt the spread of cancer is a growing priority now, and it’s already making great progress amongst researchers.

Whether you catch the cancer before it spreads or not can mean life or death. If the cancer is in one spot then it is easy to wipe out the whole area and have a very good chance at survival. But once it spreads its hard to keep it from spreading and killing it at the same time.

A new compound found by Dr. Bergan and a group has showed a promising new strategy to inhibit the spread of cancer cells. Their findings are published in Nature Communications.

Dr. Bergan took further steps to test the compound, looking to see any negative effects that the compound could have caused to the body. Happily, after thoroughly testing and finding the most specific way to make the compound without harming the good cells, he and the team have found the right drug.

The drug protects the cells functions and keeps them from degrading over time. This gets the cells to stop moving because it sticks to the cleaner proteins..

The research is unorthodox, making a lot of people question whether it is a good strategy or not. Because of this issue the research was under-funded. For a while no one was interested in their odd approach to the problem.

Researchers are pleased with their progress because the drug does exactly what they want it to do with no side effects. They proudly claim the use and success of chemistry to alter biology to make exactly what they wanted.




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