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Cancer Causing Chemicals in Coffee


Coffee companies got into a debate with the proposition 65 to hold their rights to refrain telling buyers about the chemical that causes cancer in mice when given small doses.

Health issues and researches are a reoccurring debate mainly because there are so many inconsistencies with results. Some researches have come to the conclusion have too much coffee will increase chances of getting ovarian cancer. However, it was also found in another study in 2008 says other wise that drinking coffee can reduce the chances of getting ovarian cancer.

Its hard for anyone to really come to a conclusion about the effects of coffee on your health. It’s mainly due to companies funding studies and that makes the data possibly biased and anyone hesitant to accept the results.

An attorney that previously fought and won the decision to warn people about the chemicals was appalled at the decision of the officials.

Coffee is grown and then harvested from the fruit that it grows in. It then produces a chemical that is well known to cause cancer in its cooking process that we know that creates the dark color we all know and love. Acrylamide is produced as coffee is roasted and traces are left on it as it gets shipped to coffee shops and then make their way into our bodies.

Before going into the chemical itself, there is a confusion and a contradictory of facts here. Coffee is known to actually prevent a number of cancers. In not only coffee but also things like alcohol create a split in what people have to say about it, whether it is good or bad for you; within the range of moderation, of course.

Studies have shown that acrylamide can give rats and mice cancer in small doses in their water. But the amount that humans end up consuming is up to 100000 times the amount that was given to the animals.

The issue with acrylamide isn’t that companies should take it out, thats not anything we can do about, but its more about them labeling and telling their consumers that what they are putting in their bodies is known to cause cancer. Most importantly to know though is that there isn’t anything to say that amount of the chemical that is consumed in the coffee can actually cause harm to your body. It is believed to be carcinogenic so it has raised some awareness among consumers.

The chemical is naturally created when any type of plant or grain is cooked. Amino acids and sugars are then able to change the taste of the food and even color, but the byproduct of the process is acrylamide.

There have not been any recent studies suggesting that coffee is able to cause cancer, nor is the dose of the chemical inside it proven to legitimately cause it. Coffee actually was shown to make someone 19% less likely to die form a cardiovascular disease among heavy coffee drinkers.



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