Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Florida Family of Three ALL Battling Cancer at the Same Time

As if having cancer wasn't difficult enough, a family of 3 in Florida is battling cancer times THREE. Each one is...

Can An Aspirin A Day Really Keep Cancer Away?

According to researchers, a low dose of aspirin can reduce the risk of death from cancer, especially if you are overweight.

Scientists Believe Broken Hearts and Cancer Are Related

What does cancer have in common with a broken heart? Researchers are trying to find out. A new study...

Israeli Researchers Find Way to Treat Pancreatic Cancer in One Week

A study out of Tel Aviv University reveals the possibility of destroying pancreatic cancer cells in just 14 days. The study was...

Woman Finds Out She Has Breast Cancer Through Tourist Attraction

A woman visiting Edinburgh's Camera Obscura discovered she had breast cancer after seeing herself in the thermal camera exhibit.

Can We Blame Oral Sex for Rising Mouth Cancer Rates?

Nearly 13,500 American die each year from oral cancer. Drinking alcohol and smoking are known risk factors, but could oral sex be...

Firefighter Dies of Lung Cancer Due to 9/11 Ground Zero Exposure

51-year-old first responder Nick Ursta recently passed away of lung cancer that doctors have linked to exposure at Ground Zero during the...

Eddie Van Halen is Receiving Cancer Treatment in Germany

Reports say that 64-year-old Eddie Van Halen has been flying back and forth to Germany to receive treatments for throat cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer May End Alex Trebek’s 35-Year Jeopardy! Career

Alex Trebek was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer earlier in the year, and although his treatments have been successful, his symptoms...

Bernie Sanders Loses Daughter-In-Law to Rare Neuroendocrine Cancer

Senator Bernie Sanders is currently mourning the loss of his daughter-in-law, Dr. Rainè Riggs, who passed away just two days after receiving...