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CA officials Refuse to Pass Law That Would Indicate Cancer Causing Chemicals in Coffee


State Officials refused to pass a ruling that would force coffee shops to warn their consumers about a cancer-causing chemical in their coffee.

Coffee companies got into a debate with the proposition 65 to hold their rights to refrain telling buyers about the chemical that causes cancer in mice when given small doses.

Health issues and researches are a reoccurring debate mainly because there are so many inconsistencies with results. Some researches have come to the conclusion have too much coffee will increase chances of getting ovarian cancer. However, it was also found in another study in 2008 says other wise that drinking coffee can reduce the chances of getting ovarian cancer.

Its hard for anyone to really come to a conclusion about the effects of coffee on your health. It’s mainly due to companies funding studies and that makes the data possibly biased and anyone hesitant to accept the results.

An attorney that previously fought and won the decision to warn people about the chemicals was appalled at the decision of the officials.

“The whole thing stinks to high hell.” Says Raphael Metzger to CBS.


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