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Can Smoking kill cats? The PSA says yes


After the Grammy Awards, an attempt to inform the viewers of the channel about the effects that smoking had on cats was made which started a frenzy on the internet.

The announcement shows a series of cats and explained that if cats die then cannot enjoy the pleasure of cat videos anymore. It was posted to youtube and has generated over 2.2 million views.

The publishers of the video, Truth Initiative, states that cats are two times more likely to get cancer by second hand smoke from their owners.

A vet by the name Jan Bellows posted that second had smoke can and will the animals. Cats are more curious which makes them susceptible to licking up anything toxic or bad substances on them when cleaning themselves. They can end up with cancer in the mouth as well as lymph nodes from the second hand smoke.

Whitney Miller posted up on Petco’s website that anyone that owns a pet should do regular checkups, wash pet bedding weekly, and wash their pet regularly to ensure a healthy life for the cat or pet. But the vet explains that if you really care about the life of your pet then stop smoking all together.

The director of the university of Illinois, Sherry Emery, told National Public Radio that PSA targeting the health of animals from smoking opened up a new battle against the industry.

Of course, The Truth Initiative organization targets the younger audiences, who was created by the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement between Major U.S. tobacco companies and 46 states.

A term thats not often used in conversations when talking about smoking is 3rd hand smoking. Its the smell a smoker carries with them, like after smoking it will be in their clothes, hair, couch, and basically anything that smells like the smoke. The second hand can disappear and the 3rd hand would be that that smell you get when you walk into a room that a smoker was in.

Pets like to have affection with their owners, and the third hand smoke is still on them while the animal is picking up all the chemicals that was blown onto the smoker or the surroundings. The pets end up cleaning themselves or lick their owners and are consuming all the carcinogens.

Cats are always cleaning themselves, and with the dangerous chemicals still stagnant on the furniture or the owners themselves, they are completely vulnerable to getting cancer in the mouth or esophageal cancer.


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