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Cancers Associated with HPV On The Rise


Too many kids are not getting their shots for HPV, and there is a recent report from the CDC explaining that cancers are being linked with this issue.

The vaccines for HPV are widely recommended in many states, but it is required in about 3 states in the U.S. The vaccine comes in 3 doses, requiring a couple of doctors visits, but only about 22% boys and 44% girls have taken the vaccine.

It is usually taken for teens starting at the age of 14 up to 26.

Pushing for the use of vaccines can be hard to get through to parents. Dr. Mishori form Georgetown University School of Medicine understands the concerns of parents and their denial of the vaccine. Parents are afraid of the number of vaccines given to their kids and are afraid if that might affect the child. Others are worried that it just promotes the child to become sexually active.

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Its important for people to change their from the sexual perspective and to see this as a cancer precaution instead. It will be a goal by the National Cancer Institute and American Society of Clinical Oncology to try and promote the vaccination for HPV and to have family doctors recommend it to get the point across with the parents.

Other countries have reported a decline of diseases caused by HPV, showing that what we are promoting to prevent possible diagnoses will be for the best.

Its important for people to not only get also get cervical screening along with the vaccination. The vaccine does not give a 100% protection guarantee so its crucial to be aware of your health. The vaccine can shorten the amount of cervical cancer cases by as much as 90% and even get rid of the need to regular screenings and other treatments that could prove invasive.

The vaccination comes in just 3 doses and each dose is six months apart. It shows major success in just the first dose; showing that the body creates nine times the amount of anti bodies than that of the bodies natural defense against the infection.

Its best if someone gets the vaccination before they become sexually active because the body will be fully prepared to fight any potential HPV detections with all of the antibodies ready to defend. But if already exposed its expected that it would not be as beneficial if you were to not be active and have taken it.

Screenings should still be taken even if the vaccine reduced the amount of times that you should be screened. Therapeutic vaccines for HPV are under way to stop developing cancer cells in women with a history of HPV. The mixture of these cares and screenings are still conventional but also compliment cares for each other.


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