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Drop Drinking and Processed Meat to Prevent Cancer

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Its no news to people when anyone says processed meat can increase your chances of cancer. But it is important to actually heed the warnings of completely dropping them from your diets.

The World Cancer Research Fund is continuously trying to inform people of the dangers of eating habits that could possibly increase cancer. However, two items however have been stressed a little more than usually lately.

Processed meats have been linked with a higher chance of colorectal cancer. There isn’t enough data to entirely show that unprocessed meats even increase the risk, but there are speculations that they are close to increasing chances as much as processed. It’s recommended that you don’t eat more than 3 meals a weak, and even better would be no more processed meat.

Alcohol has caused a little confusion but regarding the balance scale, there are way too many issues compared to the benefits. Alcohol can protects against cancer in the kidneys but at the same time cause cancer in the throat, liver, beasts, stomach and colon. To stay completely safe, WCRF explains that it would be best if alcohol is never touched.


Further advice from reports would also include having a healthy diet and cut down if not stopping all together eating fast food. Staying physically fit and for mothers that they should breast-feed for benefits for the baby as well as preventing breast cancer.

Acetaldehyde is found after the ethanol inside alcohol is broken down by the metabolism. But acetaldehyde is a feared as possible carcinogen and which can damage your DNA along with the proteins. Your body would not be able to keep up with constantly killing off your cells and might try to repair them, increasing your chance of a possible mutation.

You also are at a risk of cancer if your body cannot supply itself with the proper nutrients. Your immune system and other bodily functions need to be healthy and strong in order to prevent cancer when it does form. Alcohol prohibits the body from breaking down and absorbing the nutrients, making you less productive and physically feeling weak as well.

People who drink about 3 ½ drinks a day are usually 3 times more likely to develop head, neck and oral cancer. Things that are like tobacco also drastically multiply the risk when combined with drinking. Your body must flush out the alcohol from the system, which means that the liver will attempt to clean you out. That still means it will absorb the alcohol and all the potential carcinogens in order to keep the rest of your body save. Liver cancer also doubles or triples when alcohol and tobacco are mixed.

Processed meat have been marked as a definite cause of cancer, which would be categorized as a group 1 carcinogen. Chemicals that go through the meat during “cleaning” and handling the meat are known to cause cancer, and so many at once during processing is a no brainer as to why it is considered a definite cause.

Drinking alcohol and eating processed meat are a bad combination to have for lifestyle choices, changing the frequency of eating processed meat 3 days a week or less would be best to minimize the risk of cancer.


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