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Further Advancements in Ovarian Cancer Gives Shows Promising Results

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Not all cancers can be treated the same, which means new methods have to be found and looking for cures can be expensive. Ovarian cancer so happens to be a difficult cancer to manage, but recent advancements have shown promises.

Recent studies and experiments have shown that within a mixture of treatments and other approaches have greatly improved the results when applied. Of course more studies will have to be conducted but so far what scientists have is enough to say that they are really on to something.

Unfortunately with ovarian cancer, women will not know that they have it when it is in its early stages. It’s so far inside the reproductive tract that it’s almost too late to catch it in its beginning stages. After that point malignant cells have already spread out farther into the body, making the treatment much harder. Although if it is found in its early stages, its mostly a curable cancer, it is just hard to catch.


Ovarian cancer unfortunately is incredibly good at adapting to its situations, and can quickly develop a resistance against treatments. Even against intense type treatments stacked on eachother are resisted sometimes. The body usually can’t take the treatments so quickly back to back, so it’s hard to react quickly before ovarian cancer finds its way around the treatments. With treatments like immunotherapy, we can look at more specific genes and combat the cancer by targeting cancer cells more specifically. Although this seems like a good approach, ovarian cancer patients rarely ever benefit from this method, but worse cancers react better to immunotherapy.

Looking for drugs to target specific cancer cells, we need to understand that there has to be pathways. But this is almost ineffective in ovarian cancer, because it is not overly reliant on such easily targeted cells. They can keep up and keep track of the cells that are rampant but the cancer is too proficient in adapting to its surroundings.

Although new research shows great treatment options pertaining to hard to treat cancers with immunotherapy, it’s sad to say that ovarian is not in the group of cancers that works well with immunotherapy. But certain exercises and studies are being conducted and they are expected to be of assistance with ovarian cancer, and its believed to be very effective.

Ovarian cancer found to be best attacked within a mixture of treatments, one which where women were given chemo and with specific drugs to target cancer cell growth. The cancer was seen to shrink in half and that was a good report for the books.


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