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New Rules For companies and smoking


A new federal court ruling has forced tobacco companies to inform their consumers about cigarettes and what the negative side effects of those close to them. The ruling took effect Monday and the companies dragged into the case include Altria, Philip Morris USA and Marlboro.

On Monday and the following days the companies will explain the dangers of smoking. Like the intricate plans of adding more nicotine into their cigarettes to make consumers buy more and etc.

According to recent studies, about seven million deaths are cause/linked to tobacco use, with nearly 900,000 occurring from second hand.

A series of companies have been going back and forth with federal court and recently the UN health agency have been speaking up about them. The health agency explains that there is a deficient amount of knowledge about the health risks regarding tobacco.  

After more than 10 years about 4 companies have pooled money and funded a 52 week long anti-smoking campaign. The companies were supposed to take action for anti smoking ads in 2006 but took 11 years for actual enforcement of the ruling.


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