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Preventing and Treating Cancer Using Properties of Natural Selection  


Natural selection is the reason why we have so many variations of the same animals. It also goes for diseases and cancer. We have a number of cancers, such as prostate, lung, breast, and testicular along with many more.

Diseases like influenza is a good example for natural selection, it is constantly adapting to medicines used to combat it, which means there are constantly new medicines for it. This property will be used to prevent and treat cancer. If your body is young and strong it will prefer the cells that normally circulate the body. But once it grows weaker the body will favor the mutated cells because the bad environment has the bad cells comfortable, killing off good cells.

Moffitt Cancer Center created another process to treat cancer, a method called adaptive therapy. Instead of trying to kill lets say a tumor,  they do chemotherapy before entirely killing it, and begin to ease the treatment. It allows for cancer killing cells to attack before cells that are resistant to the treatment.

Generally, anyone that’s in the arena for treating cancer has a motto that goes “more is better”. This new approach entirely goes against it, but might be what they need every now and then.

To allow for cells to adapt while under a certain regiment, it allows time for the patient to take it easy, since chemotherapy takes a toll. This research and practice will lead researchers into new understanding of how the cells work under their environments and how their adaption works. It will give blueprints and new foundations to work from.



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