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Preventing Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer Prevention
Brain Cancer Prevention

There are many types of brain tumors that may be benign or malignant, and it is important to note that pediatric brain cancer is very different from brain cancer in adults. Brain cancer is an attack of small tumors on the brain or close to it. Of course doctors don’t know what exactly causes brain cancer but what they know is different risk factors that you can avoid to reduce your risk of getting brain cancer. Although this may not completely diminish you chances of getting brain cancer knowing your risk factors, you may decrease your risk of developing tumors or cancer of the brain or surrounding area.

1. Beware of your risk. 

Like a previously mentioned, doctors don’t know the exact cause of brain cancer knowing your risk factors, potential symptoms, and getting regular check ups. The main risk factor is age, exposure to radiation, a family history of brain tumors, and currently having cancer that could metastasize or spread to your brain from another area of your body. Just like the liver and lungs the brain has a lot of blood vessels and a small piece of cancer travels through the blood stream it is likely to end up in one of those areas ultimately elevating your risk.

2. Recognize your risk increases with age. 

It may seem a little crazy, but did you know that any person regardless of your age can develop brain cancer and your risk for the disease increases the older you get. It is important to recognize our body fights for us and will give off signals or symptoms that will warn us that something may be wrong. 

3. Ask about your family’s medical history.

It is very important that you keep a detailed record of your family medical history as it can be very beneficial to you incase something goes wrong. Usually if you have a family history of brain tumors or certain genetic syndromes that increase risk for brain cancer, you are at a higher risk of developing cancer of the brain or surrounding areas.

4. Limit exposure to radiation. 

The sun be one of the most wonderful things but in some cases it can be the worst as different types of radiation can increase your risk of developing brain cancer. Those 2 types of radiation are ionizing and ultraviolet radiation limiting your exposure to radiation may help you prevent developing the disease. 

5. Change your eating and nutritional habits.

There is a lot of evidence that shows eating a healthier diet and having better means of nutrition, can help a lot with reducing your risk to getting brain cancer. Continuing to eat a diet rich in different fruits and vegetables may keep your risk for brain cancer and lowering your overall cholesterol intake may be beneficial as well. 

6. Exercise regularly. 

You can do any type of cardio training to maintain your health. Beyond walking, consider running, swimming, rowing, or biking. You want to aim to exercise most days of the week. Doing cardiovascular exercise can help you stay healthy and may minimize your risk of developing brain cancer.


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