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Spit Test Developed to Detect Prostate Cancer

Prostate Exam

Looking at genes can give doctors a lead to see whether anyone has a chance of be diagnosed with a disease. But a study published in Nature Genetics, found a number of new genes that are in relation to prostate cancer. The study consisted of DNA testing 80,000 people with prostate cancer and 60,000 without it.

The studies are suggested to be a beneficial tool for physicians, being that prostate cancer is hard to diagnose correctly in the first place.

The treatments that are used to combat prostate cancer are serious and can be very unfortunate for those who end up giving a false report saying that they have it. It would start an unneeded series of treatments.

Prostate cancer is mainly found in the age groups of geriatric men, about 66 years of age. The condition doesn’t usually pop up below the age of 40 but is still a possibility. 160,000 people are diagnosed with it and about 30,000 die a year.

The charity Cancer Research UK explained that study has sparked excitement in the possibility that they can get more accurate and a higher chance of finding people who are likely to be diagnosed. It will help to start treatments in the specific areas needed.

People that have had a history of the disease are two times more likely to get the disease than those who have not had it, according to Dr. Iain Frame, director of research at the Prostate Cancer UK.


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