Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Immunotherapy Hospital Announces 3 New Cutting-Edge Treatments

CHIPSA Hospital, the renowned immunotherapy clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, recently announced the launch of three immune-stimulating cancer treatments. The...

CHIPSA Hospital Reveals Cutting-Edge Immunotherapy Treatments in Mid-Year Review

The face of cancer treatment is rapidly changing as scientists learn more and more about the challenging disease. CHIPSA Hospital in Tijuana,...

Exclusive Video Series Documents How 22 Patients Survived Late-Stage Cancer

Last September, a community of people came together to celebrate achieving the impossible: beating cancer. This community -- made up of doctors, researchers, advocates,...

Alternative Cancer Treatments Brought to Legitimacy at Scientific Forum in San...

The world recently acknowledged the power of alternative cancer treatments by awarding the 2018 Nobel PrizeĀ  in Medicine to Dr. James P. Allison and...