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Ways to Decrease Risk of Cancer


With six tips recommended by Dr. Lorenzo Cohen, you’ll see how different life habits will prevent cancer or if already diagnosed, drastically increase your life span.

If we pay attention closely to studies that focus on health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they all have a pattern. They always talk about having a healthy diet and having moderation in everything and exercise. It is still continuously proven that these six factors will keep you nice and healthy.

Your Diet

First and foremost its important to make sure that sweets like candy and processed foods are at an absolute minimum, if not completely cut out.

You can replace foods such as meats with something like beans instead, at least three times a week. Try and make your diet consist of mostly plants and have up to 8 portions of fruits throughout the day.


Also with a strong relation to stress, a lack of sleep causes a not so strong immune system. It will leave you susceptible to sickness and infections. About eight hours of sleep is recommended and try to stay off of any screen for about 30 minutes before bed.

Keep energy drinks, coffee, sugar and alcohol to a minimum so that your body can calm down and rest.


Dr. Lorenzo says that it is important to manage your stress daily. It doesn’t matter when but as long as you do it sometime during the day.

Methods of calming down could be something like meditation, just sitting down in a quiet place. Or during a hectic situation just take a huge breath in and stay still for a couple of seconds and resume. Other means could be like a hobby or a sport.

Sports and Exercise

When it comes to health, exercise is usually one of the first mentioned things when health is discussed, or at least mentioned. According to studies form 2009 you have a 25% lower risk of being diagnosed with colon cancer.

Try to squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise each day, things like walking instead of taking a drive or ride a bike to work.


We usually don’t think about our environment when talking about health because there are so many things we are not aware of. Chemicals that can be in our products, like hair wash or the type of flooring you have in your house can even effect you. Its best to try and limit how long you are exposed to any type of chemical, even things like your water bottles. Instead of drinking out of plastic bottles try to get a thermos or drink out of a cup.

Social life and Support

Having people that will support you and in general care for you, it can effect the structure of your mind, ultimately controlling your health at a the cellular level. Harvard proved that having anyone, a partner of any sort gives cancer patients a 20% better chance at survival than those that were alone.

Friends will help you make better decisions that can lead to a more fulfilling and generous life.



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