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Small Aids for Conventional Cancer Treatments


Sometimes the conventional methods just too expensive or way to far out of reach sometimes. But alternative methods in some cases can actually be more effective than conventional, since not everyone reacts the same to the usual methods. Conventional treatments should always be sought after, and never ignored to only seek treatment from alternative methods. It is important to stay within professional care and it is known that using non conventional methods only can make the cancer worse. Here are some treatment aids to help improve the effectiveness of conventional treatment:


Vitamin D

A study showed that the individuals who consumed Vitamin D3 supplements for one year period, there was an astounding 77 percent drop in developing cancer. To get natural vitamin D, you should get exposed to the sun for 5 hours and about 40 percent of your body should be exposed to the sun.


Fermented Foods

Bad diets and constant consumption of fast food can cause metabolic disorders and leads to various cancers and diseases. The bacteria in fermented food are known as bacteroidetes that creates butyrate, which helps the bodies immune system to increase treatment effectiveness. This butyrate contains anti-cancer properties that also take care of enzymatic responsibilities.



The best natural way to combat cancer as it kills the cancer cells and prevents the body from growing the cells are curcumin seeds. Curcumin works effectively on bowel cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer and stomach cancer. Turmeric root has powerful abilities to treat cancer symptoms, including its ability to fight inflammation. Turmeric exhibits inflammation prevention control so that if side effects from conventional treatments could be slightly eased .Turmeric is a spice which contains curcumin which is the hard worker in this food. It is excellent mixed in with healthy fats such as pasteurized milk. Turmeric is also one of the best options to stop the growth of cancer cells.


Vitamin C Chelation

Chelation uses natural compounds or chemicals to get rid of toxic metals from the body. Chelate means capture something such as chelating agents, which has the ability to rid the toxins from the body. Vitamin C-Chelation treatment is extremely pro-oxidant. Allowing it to be called one of the most helpful aids in cancer treatment


Ketogenic Diet

With strong recommendations that people are to have a strong and healthy diet, keto diets are used a lot of the time during conventional cancer treatments. The diet allows a healthy environment for the immune system to strengthen itself and fight the cancer alongside your conventional treatments. Diets can make a huge difference in treatments effectiveness and cancers react more to the treatments .



Enzymes can help and fix things like migraines or just short little headaches, but they are also great because they contain anticancer properties. Enzymes therapy is used when patients are taking heavy or strong treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Enzymes are known to ease the effects of such treatments and helping detox the body. Explained earlier, enzymes are found in foods such as fruits and vegetables, fermented vegetables or not, examples would be things like bananas, papyas, soy sauce, etc. Enzymes work like placebos, although they do actually have an effect, patients have to have a state of mind to allow the enzymes to work and form.



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