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Aspirin Is a Possible Aid to Help Treat Cancer


The case whether aspirin can prevent a myriad of bad events and diagnoses is already closed. Heart diseases and strokes are prevented through the use of aspirin but it also can reduce the risk of cancer and it is within question whether we can use it as a means to help prevent cancer. It could possibly be a way to treat cancer or be an alternative to help alongside conventional treatments.

Aspirin seems to be most effective among middle aged people, and its not just one cancer but a number of cancers. Tests have been performed on mice and its effects are seen to strengthen the effects of drugs that kill cancer.

To look for more information and find out just how effective aspirin can be a team has set its goal on finding out just how good of an aid aspirin could be. More than 100,000 people have been closely monitored while taking aspirin after being diagnosed with cancer. Other treatments have also been noted along with the use of aspirin. The objects of interest were things like the presence of metastases, cancer related death, and mortality rate of any other reasons among the people that took aspirin.

Then after assessing the people and putting together their data among aspirin users they compared the group of over 100,000 with 400,000 people that didn’t use aspirin. The data concluded that about there was a 20 to 30 percent chance increase of surviving cancer with the use of aspirin compared to those who didn’t take aspirin. The percent of colon cancer deaths drops by 25 percent, breast cancer drops by 20, and prostate will drops by 15.

When the mind is at ease, it makes a healing process much easier, and it can also go for getting rid of cancer. Aspirin is used to relieve pain, and when your mind is scrambled because of some pain your immune system won’t be able to put all its got to help you if the mind is not healthy.

Aspirin is used for things like preventing blood clots and angina. Its not a treatment for strokes or heart diseases but it’s more of a preventative measure. A cancer that it prevents against best is colorectal cancer. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties it is also used to treat things like bad migraines as well.

It is strongly recommended that children do not use aspirin because it can increase the chances of developing Reye’s Syndrome which normally follows after a flu or a cold. It should not be used on kids younger than 16 and it still tests the boundaries within kids 16 and 17. Aspirin helps more with middle aged people although if needed as a young adult then that would be fine. Aspirin is sometimes given to children under the supervision and recommendations of a doctor.

Low doses are recommended for those with other health issues like smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol levels. People with diabetes for over 10 years or hypertensive medications are strongly recommended to not take high doses and to stick within the smaller range.


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