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Top Causes of Cancer

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Cancer is second leading cause of death, and the most common causes of cancer are easily avoidable causes. It is a matter of how well we take care of ourselves and how we choose to live. A healthy lifestyle is not only key to keeping cancer at bay, but also a healthy mind and body.

So what is cancer and what causes it?


Cancer is sometimes genetic, in runs in the family. But fortunately most cases of cancer are not genetic and are preventable. For some people it may be harder than others to avoid because of things like addiction or the difficulty of switching up a lifestyle choice. Cancer is a disease where the cells uncontrollably divide. There is almost no control in cell division and by the name of the cancer destroys the organ.

Some of the causes are:



Everyone knows that smoking is not good for us, but nicotine is addicting, which keeps people hooked on it. Cancers that are linked to smoking (or even smokeless tobacco) are ones such as mouth, tongue, cheek, esophagus, pancreatic cancer and much more. Smoking tobacco makes up 30 percent of cancer deaths in the US but 80 percent of lung cancer deaths.

Even if smokers decide to stay away others, there is second and third hand smoking, which affects people who pass by or animals simply sniffing their surroundings. Second hand smoking is just as harmful as smoking, hence the name. But the smoke has things like chemicals inside them and the thousands of chemicals that reside inside tobacco are more than enough to damage anyone over time.

Third hand smoking is not something that everyone knows about but has experienced it. When smokers blow out their smoke, the surroundings may absorb the smokes smell. Even though the smoke is not there the chemicals are present in the furniture. Children or mostly pets that sniff and lick things will pick up the chemicals and develop mouth or esophageal cancer. Although it may be the residue imagine how much worse actually smoking it is.



Its crucial to get the body moving, physical fitness helps maintain weight, but the diet carries a higher position in body weight, yet both are very important to have. It is not necessary to go to the gym, but it would be better recommended that you do. 140 minutes of physical activity a week would be what an average adult needs, and it could just be 30 minute walks or playing a sport.

Being physically fit can prevent obesity, which is linked to an increased risk of cancer. Cancers that are linked to being overweight are breast, colon, kidney, pancreas, esophagus, and many more.  

The immune system becomes weaker when there is excess body weight, which is needed to eliminate diseases, especially cancer. Cancer could happen whenever, but our immune system protects us from mutations that could end up turning into cancer. Insulin and estrogen levels could end up spiking or falling, also increasing risk of cancer.

Eating healthy plays a major role in your weight, since its what your body uses to maintain itself. Being aware of what goes inside your body and sometimes what comes out of it is important to regulate. Eating healthy is commonly seen as hard or expensive, but the recipes and foods that are displayed for healthy eating are made to look professional and tantilizing rather than offering only the health benefits. Preparing your own meals is also a cheaper than going out and eating so try to pick and choose healthy foods for each day throughout your week so your not wondering what you will eat later on, which causes people to get fast food.


The Sun! (UV Radiation)

It’s important to get some sunlight, every now and then, but dangers like UV radiation increase our risk of cancer. If you are outside when the sun is out that already means that you are exposed to UV radiation, but prolonged exposure to it or not having any sunscreen for a long period can increase your risk.


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