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Cancer Related Deaths Dropping


With people becoming more and more aware of what’s inside of their food and having research in cure for cancer making real progress, its no wonder that people are having an ever-rising chance of survival.

Thanks to tests and early detections if cancers its making advancements in our treatments.

There have been studies conducted to see all the possible reasons for the falling numbers for deaths, and it ended up pointing out a couple of specific tests that helped. There is a mammogram to test for breast cancer and a blood test to detect prostate cancer. But during the studies to see the reasons for such good news of more survivors, it forgot to include the tests that play such a big role.

A government group known as the US Preventative Services Task Force have recommended different times for tests and screenings of men and woman. Woman should avoid taking a mammography until they are 50 and males should try not to take PSAs period if there are no signs of prostate cancer. But they should talk to a doctor if they should or shouldn’t to finalize the decision.

Although screenings and checkups are what is helping the rise of survival rates, vice president of surveillance and health service research, Ahmedin Jemal, says that they need to get better.

It is important to make the current methods better, as there is always room for improvement. They are ultimately trying to get the most accurate tests to catch anything that could possibly go undetected.

There has always been a push to stop people from smoking, they are now more informed about it and more places to look for help to stop. The biggest factor in the drop of death rates has been from people deciding to stop smoking.

Things like vaccines are also helping decline the cases of HPV that can cause cancer. teens and young adults are being informed of the importance of getting the vaccine and the antibodies that are created with the vaccine help suppress and kill the cells that could turn cancerous.

Some cancer cases are types that could have been completely avoided by a change in lifestyle choices. However, its not easy to make changes to the choices like food because the healthier food is more expensive. Getting treatments could cost too much money or getting to the place of treatment is sometimes even an issue.

In the end everyone needs to be able to have access to the treatments. Its just as important as developing them; cancer deaths are still high with low income families/individuals, proving that access is a big issue.



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