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Eating Healthy Can Save a Cancer Patients Life


Recent studies are showing very good news on how eating with a good diet can increase chance of survival among cancer patients.

However, there are certain foods that people with a specific type of cancer cannot eat. The diet should be optimized for the cancer and it should be strictly followed. A healthy diet can make an over 50% survival rate on cancer survivors.

Moderation has always been key about anything we do. A moderate amount of chemotherapy, all the way to a moderate amount of medicine you should take for a small cold.

Over 1,000 patients were studied and monitored for a couple of years, and looking at the study, the survivors had a 65 percent cut in chances of death. The other groups did not have such a percentage, the ones that did not eat as good as the first group.

Teams also studies diagnoses among those with breast cancer and skin cancer. The findings carried similar results, basically finalizing the effects of having a healthy diet.

It is recommended that everyone has a healthy diet, whether diagnosed with cancer or not. It can lower the risk of cancer and prove to be beneficial for your everyday life.


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