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Eddie Van Halen is Receiving Cancer Treatment in Germany

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Reports say that 64-year-old Eddie Van Halen has been flying back and forth to Germany to receive treatments for throat cancer.

Van Halen is known as the founder and main songwriter of the American hard rock band Van Halen. Apparently, his cancer treatment is nothing new, he’s just been doing it in secret for several years.

How did legendary Eddie Van Halen get throat cancer?

Apparently, aside from the fact that Van Halen was a heavy smoker, there’s another odd factor that may have led to his initial tongue cancer. His own theory is that the metal guitar pick — made out of brass and copper — he used over 20 years ago could have been part of the source. His doctors have stated it’s certainly possible.

He also believes that having spent many hours of his life in a recording studio made up of “electromagnetic energy” played a part. These factors, along with his lifestyle of smoking, drugs, and drinking, mean that cancer was not much of a surprise to Van Halen.

Van Halen reported that he would keep the pick in his mouth for long periods of time. When he was first diagnosed nearly 20 years ago, the doctors had to remove 1/3 of his tongue.

Van Halen has reportedly been having cancerous cells removed as they’ve traveled from his mouth to his throat. He has been traveling to Germany for over 5 years now to receive radiation treatments that have kept the disease stable.

Although no one knows an exact status on Van Halen’s health, people believe him to be doing just fine.


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