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Las Vegas Golden Knights Grant Wish for Childhood Cancer Survivor


The Golden Knights hockey team has quickly become a pillar of the Las Vegas community. Their electrifying play on the ice has created a sense of community and goodwill, uniting a fan base in the city. 

But their greatest contribution yet is their participation in the My Wish program run by ESPN. The Golden Knights recently granted the wish of thirteen-year-old Doron Coldwell by inviting the young cancer survivor to be part of the team for a day. Doron has been in love with all sports from a very young age, but all-time favorite is hockey.

Doron’s Cancer Fight

Doron’s battle with cancer started in June of 2015, although he and his family didn’t know it yet. His mother took him to the doctor after noticing he had swollen glands, and the doctors spent the next two years trying to identify what his condition was. He underwent constant monitoring and a series of blood tests, but they were all inconclusive. 

Eventually, an oncologist diagnosed Doron with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. He began chemotherapy in September of 2017, and the treatments were devastating for the young boy. He had hair loss, mouth sores, and overall weakness. He also had to go through multiple hospital stays. 

But the one thing that lifted Doron’s spirits through these difficult times was the Golden Knights’ magical run to the Stanley Cup finals. As the Knights continued to advance, Doron’s condition continued to improve. The chemotherapy was working and the tumor was shrinking. And when the team heard about Doron and his love for the team, they decided to get involved as well. 

Doron’s Wish

Doron was invited on a helicopter ride for what he thought was a video about the hospital where he was treated. But Doron found out later that he was actually being invited to be part of the team for a day. His face was put up on a billboard outside the arena where the Golden Knights play, and the helicopter pilot delivered him the good news as they flew up to the billboard.

He got to suit up in goalie pads for the first time since he was diagnosed with cancer, and he got to do so right alongside the Golden Knights goaltender Marc Andre Fleury. Fleury brought Doron out onto the ice where the 13 year old was introduced to the crowd before the game. The two then took turns stopping shots from the other Golden Knights players. Fleury even took the time to provide instruction for Doron to help his goaltending skills. 

The day ended with Doron joining the entire team for a victory lap around the ice, and more meet and greets with the rest of the team that he had practiced with. 

Perhaps the most heartwarming part of the story is that Doron’s cancer is in remission and the tumor has continued to shrink. His mother says she can’t believe that she has her lovely and vibrant son back to full health.


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