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Low Risk of Death With New Prostate Cancer Treatment


As it turns out, just an oral medication of enzalutamide can put anyone at a 71% lower risk of death or prostate cancer growth.

Enzalutamide prevents cancer cells from receiving hormones like testosterone, therefore killing the cells. Of course, catching the cancer early will be more beneficial and easier for the drug to do its work.

The drug was distributed to about 1400 men with prostate cancer, and none of their cancer spread, although their therapies for the lost hormones has no effect.

The drug is only in use with patients who do not have any response the hormone therapies to combat the cancer.

There has been a significant response to the available options that patients can choose, where as before a while ago people had no idea how to properly assess prostate cancer. Now we have therapies and recently we got enzalutamide.

Not just prostate but various other cancers are being found at early stages giving people a better fighting chance. Diseases are handled better in their proper situations and its saving lives. In this case its giving people a 71% better chance.

Transrectal ultrasounds are usually performed to detect the specific locations of the cancer. Although they show up as white clumps its hard to see when they are over lapping each other or sometimes the part of the body may be too dense, causing doctors to overlook the spot. Although now trying to hurdle over that obstacle scientists and doctors are looking to a way to measure the blood flow inside a gland. Tumors are known to have more blood vessels around them and thus pointing them out when mapping out the vessels.

Regarding the effectiveness of enzalutamide, a very well balanced diet is also recommended as a complimentary treatment so that the body is well nourished to help strengthen the immune system. A diet that has proven to be most effective with patients taking any types of drugs to fight cancer is the ketogenic.

Now recently approved, enzalutamide is now able to make its appearance outside of testing. It decreases metastatic death rates by almost 2 years total. The drug is most effective, as most drugs are, in the earlier stages of cancer.







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