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MLB Broadcaster Ron Darling Announces Thyroid Cancer

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Former MLB pitcher and current broadcaster Ron Darling has announced he has cancer. Doctors first discovered and removed a cancerous mass from his chest. But after the surgery, Darling went under further testing. That testing led to the discovery of his thyroid cancer. The physicians are hopeful that the cancer is treatable, and that he will be back broadcasting games within a month.  

Darling took a leave of absence from announcing Mets games when he had the mass from his chest removed. The Mets released a statement supporting Darling in his cancer fight. The organization said that they are happy that Darling’s condition is a treatable one and they’re looking forward to him calling games again.

The Mets were excited to find out that he could be back so soon despite his having cancer. Darling has been a part of the broadcast booth at Mets games for nearly 13 years. He joined the commentary team in 2006 as a color commentator. He played for the Mets for eight years and was a member of their 1986 championship team. 

What causes thyroid cancer?

Thyroid cancer takes root in the cells of the thyroid, which is a gland shaped somewhat like a butterfly at the bottom of the neck. The thyroid gland helps keep your blood pressure and weight at good levels. Cancer and disease of the thyroid is usually associated with weight gain and heart problems. The disease isn’t that common in the United States, which makes Darling’s diagnosis somewhat surprising. Cancer of the thyroid is usually treatable, so Darling’s cancer is typical in that way. 

The cause of thyroid cancer is currently unclear because it’s so rare, but by investigating and treating cases like Darling’s, doctors are hopeful they can get closer to the root of the problem. Further research in the way cancer starts and develops helps doctors decide how to treat it. If the doctors can find the causes and understand the disease progression, then they may be able to find ways to prevent the disease in the future. 

Keith Hernandez, fellow Mets announcer and former teammate of Darling’s, took to Twitter to express his support. Hernandez says he knows Darling will beat the “insidious disease” and he is looking forward to Darling rejoining the Mets network.  


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