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Specifying Cancer Treatments Through Genetic Sequencing


Genetic sequencing helps doctors look at specifics when assessing cancers or any other genetic factors. So they can see which areas are most harmful and can see a weakness, it’s good for doctors to find a specific treatment that would be perfect to combat the cancer.

This approach can personalize an assault for the patients hard to treat cancers when the mutation may be too much for any general treatment offered.

This type of cherry picking certain factors to make a treatment effective for a patient allows not only an extension of the patient’s life but more time for doctors to treat and exterminate the cancer. Time is valuable for anyone with a sickness and this treatment is crucial to add life span.

Studies made for this assessment looked at almost 4,000 people with difficult cancers that had no signs of hope; the ages consisted in the 50s but varied from 16 to 90. Of those that had the specifically made treatment from the genetic sequencing were 6 times for likely to live 10 more years than those who didn’t.

As proof of the effectiveness, there has been a patient that’s been treated since 2011 for a brain cancer and is still present to tell their story.

Adding to the promises of specified treatments, the research that has already been made is apparently only surface level.

Genetic sequencing is suppose to look at the alterations that have been created through the cancerous cells development. Even though its possible to read the genes of the cancer its still possible to not find a weakness. Or the patients body may not respond to drugs the way that they are intended to respond.

The process to genetic sequencing is when they take samples of tumors, and maybe healthy cells, and then test their makeup. A report is then made to recommend treatments that the tumors cells responded to the most or seemed to have the most effect on.

In the stage that the sequencing is in, its for patients that have advanced stages of cancer and have found that other treatments just aren’t working. Treatments can be made to fit the patients condition and tumor weakness. But it serves as complementary so its not something to rely on solely to treat cancer. Still finding conventional therapies that doctors will offer like chemotherapy or surgery.

Studies have been covering a lot of ground in finding better treatments quickly and increasing their effectiveness from 5% to 11%.



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