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Daughter of Gerson Therapy Founder Dies at Age 96

Gerson Therapy

Charlotte Gerson, daughter of Dr. Max Gerson who founded the Gerson Therapy in 1928, died peacefully last week at the age of 96.

Charlotte was born in 1922 to a doctor who believed there were alternative ways to cure disease. His initial work focused on curing migraine headaches, and he ultimately went on to cure Charlotte’s tuberculosis with his nutritional regimen focused on supporting the immune system and detoxification.

Gerson TherapyThe Gerson Method is a natural treatment treatment regimen that calls upon the body’s own powerful potential to heal itself. By adhering to a strict organic, plant-based diet, consuming large amounts of raw, cold-pressed juices, and performing daily coffee enemas, patients activate their body’s ability to repair DNA damage and fight disease. Dr. Gerson’s method is still used today to treat even nefarious diseases like cancer, and it’s alive only because Charlotte continued to honor her father’s legacy.

Gerson MethodDr. Gerson passed away in 1959, but Charlotte picked up where he left off. When she was only 55 years old, she founded the Gerson Institute, a non-profit “dedicated to providing education and training in the Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.” Not only was Charlotte a deep inspiration to her father as he worked to heal her incurable tuberculosis, she also continued to advance his mission long after he died. The Gerson Institute supports medical practitioners and clinics who employ its method, which has healed many patients from disease.

Along with founding and running the Gerson Institute, Charlotte also wrote several books, including “Healing: The Gerson Way,” “The Gerson Therapy,” “Healing High Blood Pressure,” “Healing Arthritis,” and an updated version of her father’s noteworthy book, “A Cancer Therapy” Results of 50 Cases.”

Charlotte is described as a woman of “integrity and determination,” “tenacity and persistence,” joy and light. She lived a long, beautiful life, free from pain even in her old age, likely because of her commitment to the kind of healthy lifestyle her father always promoted. Her life is a testament to the work she believed in, and her legacy will live on in all of those who heal with the Gerson Method.

To learn more about Charlotte’s work, the Gerson Method, and her legacy, please visit her website: The Gerson Institute.



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