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Prevent Breast Cancer and/or Recurrence

Breast Cancer

Around 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, but cancer can be prevented with the proper self care and precautions. Lifestyle choices are a huge factor to how high or low your risk of cancer is. Simple things like putting on sunscreen can lower your risk of cancer, and potentially save your life. Here are ways for you to reduce your risk.


Limit Your Alcohol Intake

It would be best to eliminate alcohol intake all together, since even the smallest amount will still increase risk of breast cancer. But if not all of it, limit the intake down to 1 drink a day in order to ensure a decrease of risk. To go further into detail of drinking once a day, when looking for a drink try to find the lowest alcohol percentage, the slightest decrease of risk may be just enough to save a life.


Physical Activity

Maintaining a healthy body is important to defend a lot more than just cancer, it also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases as well. Its recommended that grown adults should have at almost 3 hours of working out a week. Working out can be things that go from 30 minute walks or maybe going to the pool to swim.


Breast Feeding

If you are a mother, breastfeeding is also a way to help prevent breast cancer. The longer the child is latched and feeding the lower the risk! There is a small gap within breastfeeding that makes the probability higher but the initial feeding itself should get rid of the dangers and in turn lower risk.



It’s no surprise that smoking can cause cancer, cancers like mouth, lung, and breast cancer. It doesn’t only affect the smoker but those around them as well. Premenopausal women are at a higher risk to get breast cancer from smoking or inhaling second hand smoke. It is best to drop smoking all together to help with overall health. There are thousands of chemicals and bad properties inside tobacco, and it could put a child in danger, even if smoking away from children, third hand smoking is also harmful especially to small children and pets.


Maintain a Healthy Weight

It might make life easier to keep weight maintained best as possible, at that could be controlled by diet and physical activity. Obesity has many health problems that come along with it as it is, in addition it can drastically increase the chances for breast cancer. Women who become or are obese after menopause are at a very high risk of breast cancer. Majority of the effort to maintain a healthy weight consists within a diet rather than being active, but both are still very important.


Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Hanging around people that are smoking isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to do. Knowing your surroundings is important to your health. If your looking for a place to live, try not to look for a place near a freeway or any factories. Keeping the windows up while driving down the freeway is also a small detail that helps, all the pollution coming from the cars is going straight into your face and into your lungs. Also being aware of the containers that you are drinking from, drinking from the sink with a cup can be safer than drinking water from a plastic water bottle.


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