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Foods That Increase The Risk of Cancer


We should always keep a close watch on what we put inside our bodies. A lot of the foods that we eat everyday are not all good for us, and although they taste good they are mixed with substances that are diminishing to our health. The rule goes that if you cannot say the ingredient out loud then it is most likely best to stay away from the food or product. Low nutritional value is linked with an increased cancer risk.

To sum up with a low or zero nutritional food, it is made up of just calories and has nothing beneficial to offer the body. The haver no good carbs, little to no protein or fats and other necessities. Leaving such foods and watching what you eat can help lose and maintain a healthy weight as well as lowering the risk of cancer and other diseases.



Just had a delicious meal at a great restaurant? If you had a healthy meal, keep it at that, you don’t want to over nourish yourself, but adding in dessert at the end will definitely ruin you after that healthy meal. Most of the time “desserts” are just sweets and cookies, and it’s just calories your stacking at that point. Instead of settling with ice cream it might be a nice and refreshing choice for you to try a fruit or vegetable smoothie.


We all love some donuts and cookies, calories cause weight gain, and they are packed with them. Full of bad carbs and fats, it’s a recipe for weight gain and other possible chemical ingredients to worsen the cancer risk. There is hope! Use some whole grain flour to bake your cookies. It is a much better alternative.



Majority of drinks other than water is just chemicals and water mixed. Taste is what sells, so companies try their best to provide a tasty beverage. Chemicals are usually never good for us, especially when we cant even pronounce the many ones on the back of the drink.


Tea is great and is known to sometimes even contain healing properties with the right herbs, but if tea is paired up with massive amounts of sugar than it becomes more harmful than beneficial to drink. Try not to buy your tea from the stores, if possible buy herbs or the type that has you make it instead of it already being ready.


At this point its just full of disappointments, our beloved hot chocolate is another one of the many beverages that are not healthy for us in any way. Full of unhealthy carbs and super fat rich creams. Its best to say rather than looking for something with flavor to stick with water. Drinking water regularly each day will clear up skin and greatly improve mental health. Drinks can be filled will bad chemicals, so sticking to just water will help keep cancer at bay.



Munching on something while we wait or watch a movie either helps occupy us or its just the only thing we can have without having to get an actual meal. A lot of the snacks that are available to us are packed with preservatives and sodium. If it is fun to munch on something then it would be great to try popcorn, but without anything else. The addition of butter and salt and the amount that is actually put on it is unhealthy. Things like salad can be considered as snacks, and we have the need to add toppings to it, but with the nutrition that you are benefiting from in the salad is being out ruled with all of the toppings that have been added.


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